Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Where I live...

I'm sure, like me, you all enjoy a bit of Countryfile on a Sunday evening. It's my cup of tea and a cake programme...

Anyway, if you watched it this weekend you would have seen my little town on it. Box Hill and Denbies Vineyard are literally right on my doorstep and while I couldn't really care less about the Olympic cycling, I like.

While I was watching the programme, I just thought, wow I really am lucky that I get to live here, surrounded by all this beautiful countryside. So when Alf the dog and I went for our walk at Denbies Vineyard last night I took some photos to share...


  1. Beautiful .... and just the kind of place my Darcy would like to be taken for a walk - no people!

  2. Great place.

    Vineyards are so intriguing and beautiful!

    Martin :0)