Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Allotment Soup...

This weekend has been busy, busy, busy- despite the rain! A mini digger delivered on Friday night has had all the boys busy all weekend, smashing...I mean landscaping...the front garden- I will post photos once it looks like less of a war zone and more the wildlife haven it is meant to become...

I also managed to tame a few tonnes of weeds at the allotment and begin the installation of my wildlife area- the wild flowers already growing along the boundary fence are a good start. Again photos to follow (we got rained off on Sunday unfortunately)

Luckily we managed to leave with some allotment bounty which The Boyf decided to get all Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall on. He made a delicious allotment soup, one of my most favourite tea time treats with hunks of fresh bread, with red cabbage, broad beans, mange tout, marrows and anything else he could get his hands on. Despite the very 70's looking photo (blame the lighting and the dodgy car boot crockery!) it was lovely and I've got about 10 portions frozen too...so frugal if you don't mind!

And also a delicious pie using the teeny tiny first harvest of blackcurrants and a few bits of fruit harvested from around the allotment and garden...there's not quite enough of one thing to specialise yet- so we'll call this allotment pie!

I promise to update some more photos later in the week- weather permitting! Hope you all had a lovely weekend too...


  1. Looks very tasty...and the best bit...it's all your own work, lovely.

    I bet they both went down a treat!!

    Sue xx

  2. I like the allotment pie and the soup in its crockery. Its looks very unctuous.

    I'm looking forward to seeing those photographs, so don't forget your promise to us.