Thursday, 30 June 2011

A gift from a friend...

This morning I got the dreaded work to find this on my desk...

A wonderful gift from a lovely work colleague who I often chat chickens and communes with (we all need a little dreaming to help get through that mountain of paper work..)
And all because I gave her a box of Maude and Mildred's eggs. (Those girls are starting to earn their keep!) It's a book I've always meant to get round to buying as it's such a classic and canonical work for wannabe Good Lifers. I'm desperate to get home and read it. What a lovely start to the day...


  1. Lucky you to have thoughtful colleagues! It's a great book with some interesting nuggets for those operating on a smaller scale - enjoy! Mo

  2. I love the book, I don't have my own copy but I have previously read it from cover to cover.