Thursday, 23 June 2011

Alf the dog...

My name is Alfie, mostly Alf, sometimes Alfington Dogsburry...those humans are so silly. I am four years old and I’m a labradoodle. My mum tells me that a labradoodles are a bit wimpy and I have to wear a coat when I go out in the rain, but I think that’s just because she doesn’t want me to get the carpet muddy.

I spend my days living with my five humans and two chickens, if I play nicely and don’t bash about I’m allowed to play with them but they get in my way when me and dad are playing catch. And they poop in the garden. Animals. I pretty much love cheese and maltesers and I refuse to eat my dinner without gravy on it- imagine! I sometimes eat grapes but only if the chickens are eating them, I don’t want to miss out.

Sometimes I'm allowed to watch TV after my walk

I sleep. I sleep a lot. On the carpet, on mum’s favourite Laura Ashley blankets, on the sofas or on my mum and dad’s bed. They don’t seem to mind unless I’ve been swimming...


  1. Awww, hi Alf, it's so nice to meet you!
    Tis great you were allowed to be a guest speaker, sorry I mean 'woofer' on todays post! x

  2. Love the photo of you watching TV Alf! ;) Mo

    (Nuts it won't let me post - I'll try Anon

  3. Wow Alfie you really are a pampered pooch! Hate to be a killjoy but I'd leave the grapes to the chickens if I were you - like chocolate they could make you very ill :-( x

  4. Hi, Alfie, I did a post for my Mum today on her Blog, what a coincidence, two clever doggies in Blogland!!

    I like the look of your life, very similar to mine, I pinch grapes too...I know I'm not supposed to, but the chickens come in the kitchen and pinch my food so it's only fair!

    I was supposed to be being good today but I ended up burying my new bone and then I decided I shouldn't have buried it because it smelt so I dug it up and brought it back in to eat, Mum didn't seem to like the soil I left on the carpet.....but I couldn't eat that too...could I !!

    Hope you found something good to watch on tele tonight.

    Rosy xx