Thursday, 9 June 2011

One Little Egg...

Now I'm sure a lot of you lovely, conscientious readers are familiar with the One Little Egg website and Sophie McCoy's mission for the British Hen Welfare Trust. If you're not then it's time to get involved! Sophie is on a one woman mission to raise a huge amount of money for the plight of battery hens by doing a massive online swap- starting with one little egg.. the swap is currently a 2 night stay, including breakfast in the luxurious Townhouse Suite at the Ramada Solihull. If you fancy this and have something bitter, better or wackier to swap it for then head over to the website!

There are currently 16,000,000 hens in the UK living in battery conditions. For those of you who have chickens, try to imagine your girls living in a space no bigger than a size of A4, no scratching, no digging, no sunlight, no cuddles, no treats...It really is heartbreaking. We need to stop it now so do your bit, help Sophie to help the BHWT. If you can't swap then donate. £3 can save a hen.


Holly x


  1. Thanks again for your post on my blog, it was lovely and really perked up my day!

    I thought you might like to know, just to show you really that being an English teacher can take you literally wherever you want to be...a good family friend has travelled the world teaching English in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan, he's now in NZ after staying in Oz for a year!
    He didn't need to speak a word of their languages as the lessons are all strictly English only, OK American English, but it just goes to show, once you qualify the world (or the Great British countryside) is your oyster!

    I really wish you the best of luck with your career move and also on becoming a 'good lifer' x

  2. You do realise it all starts with the egg, then you end up like me! Its a beautiful life -
    no cruelty
    no ignorance