Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Rosa the Pigeon...

Yesterday The Boyf and I went to visit an old friend. Rosa the pigeon. Bear with me here...

I’m sure you remember the very cold snap we had at the beginning of the year- when it was minus 10 degrees and snowed for a week- seems like a million years ago now doesn’t it? Well on a particularly blustery, snowy evening as The Boyf was walking home a pigeon literally flew into his arms. He put her down on the ground and tried to walk away but she flew to him, this time landing on his head. Well what’s a boy to do? He bought her home of course! Well that was the story I got when I opened the front door to a snowy boy with a pigeon on his head.. (seriously NOTHING surprises me with this boy!)

She was starving hungry and munched her way through handfuls of bird seed and bowls of water before settling down on The Boyfs lap in front of the TV. We decided to keep her over night, feed her up, keep her warm and let her go in the morning. She had other ideas. Over the next week we tried to release her about 20 times, each time she would sit at the back door looking at us. She stayed with us for two weeks, flying around the house, pooping, eating everything and her favourite activity...sitting on the arm of the sofa watching TV with us... 

We would have loved to have kept her -she clearly wasn’t going anywhere- but the set up with her in a cardboard box in the spare room just wasn’t working and my mum was not loving her new TV buddy as much as the rest of us, despite Rosa’s attempts to snuggle up with her, so a friend offered to take her off our hands to live on their farm...and that is where we went to visit. Rosa is now living the life of a rural farm pigeon, up at the crack of dawn, doing the morning checks, following our friend Tom around the farm as he feeds the animals. She then spends the day fluttering around the garden before coming to the back door to go back into her cage at bed time. It’s made me see pigeons in a whole new light, that’s for sure!

Funny old things aren’t they, animals? 


  1. HI! I found you via Sue at the New Life in the Country. I cannot resist a pigeon post! I have three rescue pigeons ( I am an early retired wildlife rehabilitor ). They are the most amazing birds, and very smart indeed.
    Nice to know that someone else thinks so too!
    Jane x

  2. What a great post and so nice to hear she is happily settled on what sounds like a great place!
    She is lovely!

  3. Aww, that's really sweet, and yes, you don't really think of pigeons in that way at all!

    Do you think she recognised you when you went back to visit?

  4. How very strange....and lovely. Nice that the Boyf has a soft side where birds are concerned!

    Sue xx

  5. Wow, that is so cool! I mean, I much prefer wild animals to stay away from humans but your pigeon bonding with you guys and even overstaying her welcome, well that's just amazing!

  6. That's a lovely story :) So pleased you still get to see her.