Monday, 9 May 2011

"Cowpie" Rally

Yesterday I inadvertently ended up in what appeared the be the mating ground for middle class Surrey types- the Surrey County Show, AKA The Cow Pie Rally. For the last few years I’ve missed what has always been the highlight of my family calendar (if only for the free jam!) what with living in Leeds and all it was a bit tricky…

I couldn’t move for tweed and Barbour jackets, sports cars and Land Rovers. Naturally, I bypassed these boring stalls, leaving the boyf to peruse whistfully, and found myself in the livestock tent.

I ended up speaking to very nice man from the Reigate Beekeepers Association. I’ve always wanted to keep bees but our garden backs right on to a school playground so it’s never really been possible. However, lovely bee keeping man has informed me of a land share scheme, where people with land suitable for hives let you come and set up on their land…sounds perfect! I will definitely be investigating, but don’t tell the Boyf!

I also got chatting to a lovely couple who keep highland cattle on their farm in Surrey. Being a big cow fan, I was first to hop over into the pen to give the cows a brush, knocking small children to the ground in my wake… These cattle were so gorgeous, with their enormous heads and long shaggy hair they were like a dinosaur meets Barbie- needless to say I’m hooked. Unfortunately, I don’t think my little garden can cater to these huge beasts- probably save that one for the dream small holding…

After chatting to lots of experts about goats, wellington boots, terrier racing (!?) bobbin lace and compost I headed for the food tent…

Dangerous territory- local producers were selling everything from homemade jams, cakes, breads and most importantly cheeses and ciders. As the Boyf tucked into a zebra burger (eew!) I got to work on the free cheese and cider samples- before being wheeled home at lunch time drunk and engorged on local diary produce- I like to support the local farmers…

All in all a good Sunday well spent and I managed to keep the Boyf off the dodgems long enough to buy me some candy floss!


  1. Nice post, especially the cow stroking, well you've just got to when the moment presents itself!

    I tend to see those sorts of shows from the other side...usually watching members of the public scoffing bits of my cakes and cake pops!

    Oh, talking of cow stroking, if you're ever up our way (Ripon), try going to Brymor Ice Cream Parlour. Apart from the gorgeous ice cream there's the calf shed where you can visit all the new baby cows. Some are very friendly and will let you stroke them for ages!

  2. Glad you are looking in to keeping bees. I started keeping bees when I was just 14. We live in at the top of the high street so I actually used the land share thing. I had my hive on the estate of a famous sculpture maker. He requested that I give him the wax and I could keep all the honey. Not a bad deal really.

    We have just got bees again at my girlfriend's house. Will check your blog for updates!!!!