Monday, 21 March 2011

The Things I Gain #2 Old Tyres

To say the shopping has been slow so far is an understatement.  I have bought nothing. Now it may only be a matter of days but for me, this is huge. Normally I’ll pop into Primarni, Hmmm or Toppers in my lunch break but with ethical goodness hard to find on the high street I’ve been stranded with a rainforest alliance coffee and a good book. Though my bank balance is appreciating this, I am not and this weekend the pressure got too much.
Having spent many hours rooting around looking for possible plant receptacles for the allotment I was beat. Apparently this “nothing new” policy of mine is a little trickier than I thought; now all the wood is gone.
Now, Kwik Fit may not be the most glamorous place to spend a Saturday afternoon but by jingo it was worth it. After explaining to the justifiably suspicious salesman that I wasn’t going to flog the old tyres but merely use them for growing veg I got the green light to help myself. I struggled away with five perfectly good, perfectly upcyclable old tyres. They may not be objects of beauty right now, lying in the mud and rain, but in a few months they will be bursting with tomatoes, sweet peas, peppers and all manner of beautiful and delicious food and flowers. And what’s more my faith in my eco skills has been restored! I have finally acquired something which I can look upon proudly and say I saved it from the dump and now it is beautiful and useful...look out garages of Dorksville, I’ve got a taste for rubber and I’m coming for more!

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