Friday, 11 March 2011

My Little Green Worries- #1 The Mulberry

Oh Mulbs, words can’t express the love I feel for thee. Yes I know it’s just a flippin’ handbag! But I love it. I got her as a “well done for finishing university, not failing and not pissing your whole student loan up the wall of the student union bar” present from my dad. I remember the day so well: Queen’s arcade, Leeds, the thrill of the selection (classic Bayswater in classic oak- mmm), the ringing of the cash register ,my mother standing outside the shop looking pale and trying not to watch, the bag for the bag, in a bag...

Yes, it’s ridiculous. But I wanted it. I loved it. And I still love it.

Yes, the price is outrageous. At £664 it is the equivalent of 26 ½ Oxfam goats, or 11 bicycles from Unicef 

Jeez, that is a bit of a wakeup call. Should I sell it? Donate the money to goats and bicycles? I should. It would be a grand, charitable, generous gesture.

But I can’t.

It’s not just the price that irks me- it’s leather. Leather is a moral maze for me. I am against fur, so why not leather? At best it’s a by-product from an industry I abhor, at worst it’s perpetuating cruelty and suffering of millions of animals. I won’t wear fur, I won’t eat meat, but I do tote my leather mulbs about town as though it was a new puppy. So why do I love it so?

This one could go on....

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