Thursday, 10 March 2011

My Little Bit of Green- My Mission

Welcome to My Little Bit of Green.  At the moment it really is a very little bit- but I want it to grow. I want to be more responsible for what I buy, what I put out there, what I eat, how I behave- I want to live a more ethical lifestyle, fairer on people animals and the environment alike but I don’t want to compromise.
 I’m a vegetarian- have been since I was five, more out of stubbornness than morals but now I’m proud of my decision.  I’m also an allotment holder, animal lover and bird watcher, recycler, upcycler, knitter, crochet-er, stich-er, second hand lover and car boot shopper. But I am vain. As a graduate of the London College of Fashion, I won’t compromise on my love for all things fashion.
I want ethical shoes, but I don’t want to wear hideous clogs. I want to wear fair-trade clothes but I don’t want to give up my Saturday morning mooch around the high street.  I want to eat better, but I love my Friday morning fry up in the office.
I know there will be some things I cannot keep up if I want to live more cleanly, more ethically, simply more responsibly. I am prepared for that. I’ll give up the car because my bike has an awesome pretty bell and a wicked basket. I’ll give up Primark because I can still dress the way I want to and buy second hand or ethically. I’ll give up cheap food because I can grow pretty much everything I need on my little allotment, with flowers thrown in for good measure! One thing I won’t give up on is talking about it- or nagging as my dad and boyfriend call it- I think the more we talk about it the easier it’s going to get, I hope so anyway!
For me, this started as an ethical lent, giving up Primarni for a month. But I think it’s a lifestyle change for me now. I want to know more about what I’m buying, I want to know what I’m wearing, what I’m putting on my skin and what I’m eating is not benefitting me at the cost of others. But I still want to look good. I’m a little anxious but I am feeling ready for the challenge- I think! I know it won’t happen overnight, it’s going to take time, there might be relapses and accidents but I’m going to knuckle down and really try.  Please share with me your tips, hints and stories as I embark on my journey to improve My Little Bit Of Green.

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