Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Reasons to love spring

In case you hadn’t noticed, spring has well and truly sprung. I can tell because even after the hour and a half bus ride back from “office job” the sun is still out and I can get out in the garden and check on my baby veg and the resident wildlife. I can even get to the lottie if I’m lucky!
Last night when I got in from work at around 6.30, the garden looked so beautiful, me and Alf the dog took a little tour...

Dad's carefully designed "wildlife area" including enormous sparrow nesting boxes (unused) little pond (inhabited by four rescued frogs) and "woodland garden bed" (inhabited mainly by pigeons and squirrels!) In the shade in the evening it's really lovely.

...especially this nesting box. I think the bluetits return to it every year because it gets sun all day so it's lovely and warm, even at the end of the day the last rays still reach it...

...can you Geurilla garden in your own garden? I planted this little rhubarb plant between the sheds at the back of the garden. The boys do their bit by pee-ing on it frequently. Apparantly rhubarb loves man pee, I discourage this behaviour, I'm not a fan of rhubarb and pee pie!

My woefully inadequate plastic greenhouse...I need to get this sorted!

Alf the dog likes to garden too....well he likes to dig holes!

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