Thursday, 28 April 2011

Drum Roll Please....

We have our first egg!

So overcome with love and devotion have I been this last fortnight that I forgot altogether that my lovely girls have a purpose other than my endless amusement!

I wasn’t looking for an egg, I was just doing the usual “have they kicked all the straw out of their nest box” checks and there it was. A small, but beautifully formed freckly little egg. In the nest box, in the bit where they’re supposed to lay them. My girls are just so clever. I don’t know who it was, they both looked very proud when I held it up to them so they both got lots of lovely treats, cuddles and words of encouragement. Alf the dog was completely bemused and skulked off obviously questioning his own productive purpose in the family...

In honour of the fact that they are quite obviously the cleverest chickens in the world, they got a perch upgrade (which they very quickly mastered, of course, they’re so clever) and as many grapes and jersey royals as they could gobble up (which, you won’t be surprised to hear, is a lot!)

Forget the royal wedding, I am dedicating my bank holiday to chicken proofing the garden so my clever girls can get their free range on. With a boiled egg in my tummy the hardwork will be easy- I may not even need to employ the boyf’s manual labour!

Well done Mildred or Maude!


  1. The first of many!

    Enjoy your long weekend with your chooks.

  2. awww congratulations! You'll start finding them everywhere once the chooks are out and roaming, they don't seem to appreciate the comfort of a nest box for some reason and like sending you on an egghunt instead!! x