Friday, 15 April 2011

Hunter Gatherer...

I’m anxious for my new arrivals, I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night, super early in the morning, I’ve been pacing the garden, thinking of names, worrying about how Alf the dog will take to them...oh my little chicken friends....I need to keep my fingers busy, so I’ve been on a foraging mission.
Now, as yet I haven’t managed to master the food foraging, (I fear that my nettle soup will have a lingering after taste of dog wee) but I am very good at foraging for things for the allotment. In my time I’ve produced water butts, compost bins, wooden pallets, storage chests, tyres, an enamel bath tub, and two rather handsome umbrella stands. I’ve become the skip diving progeny of Alys Fowler and Kirsty Allsop, though I don’t always do it in beautiful dresses and a full face of make up! I have to resist the urge on bus days but I make a mental note of goodies on my route and send my man and van round to collect at a later date- I’ve currently got my eye on an old church pew rotting in somebody’s front garden in Surbiton (if this is you let me know and I’ll happily take it off your hands!)

I've been busy adding to my begged, borrowed but never stolen collection this week!

My collection area, stuffed down the back of the garden where no one can spy it! The metal catering jugs are a new addition, I think they'll look lovely filled with summer flowers....

Dug this baby out from a skip, I intend to line it and plant in it, it might not last that long but it will do for some salads!

Look out slugs your days of munching my seedlings are well and truly over! Very impressed with this find, though I can take no credit...The boyf spotted these in a dusty corner of an old shed belonging to one of the elderly ladies he gardens for, she said she'd forgotten all about them and he was welcome to take them lovely.

This may not have been a foraged find but it is a lovely addition to my allotment all the same. A red gooseberry plant as a gift from the boyfs lovely sister. Once he's built be a frame for it we can take it to start it's new life at number 7.

This lot has definately kept me busy and now it's only a day until the hens arrive!

Stay tuned for what will inevitably be a chicken filled, loved up few blog posts to come...

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