Friday, 4 January 2013

In which I stick to my New Years Resolution...

Happy New Year one and all! There is so much to be miserable about at this time of year: the rain, the lack of money, the taking down of the twinkly things.. but I bloody love the first few weeks of January. Nothing gets me going like the annual clear out, the new stationary to be filled and the return to crunchy food after a good month of existing on cheese and chocolate. With my new house nearly ready for furnishing (after the boyf's many many hours of toil) my favourite part of the new year, resolutions, take on more importance. So here they are: 1. Be less wasteful 2. Buy second hand or swap where possible 3. Be more organised (I make this every year it NEVER happens- but this year, there's stationary!) I have got off to a pretty good start. The skater boy and I vowed to deck the house out second hand and the kitchen is coming along better than I could have hoped.
We bought this unit and another like it from a charity shop for under £200 for both. These will form the basis of our kitchen units and we're reclaiming stuff from skips and my parents kitchen renovation to do the rest. The de-clutter resulted in 3 bin bags for the charity shop and a bag for ebay. The money from flogging the more valuable stuff will go into the allotment fund. Whilst selling on ebay it seemed rude not to peruse the goods on offer and I have nabbed myself 2 brand new dresses for work for under a tenner for bot- one woman's unwanted Chrimbo pressie is another woman's back to work wardrobe!
During the clear out I found a tonne of unopened make-up and in the spirit of New Year I offered them for swaps on a beauty forum I am addicted to. So, one unopened dusty foundation bottle has got me 2 stunning vintage necklaces. I am feeling inspired and hopeful for the new year- I just need to start the diet...maybe I'll wait till back to work times next week....hmmmm What are your resolutions?

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