Wednesday, 21 September 2011

In which I keep my fashion pledge...

Last week I started my PGCE, thats post grad certificate in Education for those wondering. This basically means that someone somewhere decided I am allowed to teach children English. This is most exciting. But a lot of work. With all the PGCE work I have been undertaking I have unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) been a little slow on the shopping front. But today in a brief break from essay-ing I hit the highstreet, well the charity shops. The town I live in is in middle class suburban Surrey and you would not believe the stuff that people give to charity shops- it definitely beats the days I spent trawling in Leeds believe me. With a positive mental attitude and an open mind I quickly slipped back into my former charity shop shopping ways.

I came away with a gorgeous brand new polka dot dress (for when I’m a teacher dontcha know) for a mere £6 (as much as I would normally spend on a sandwich in my lunch break) and a brand new pair of M&S leopard print pumps (I’m a little bit obsessed with leopard print...) for a fiver! Amazing. I will definitely be hitting the charity shops again soon- what a fabulous way to save pennies and reduce the amount I consume! Keep your eyes peeled guys!

I hope you are all well my lovelies- I promise to try my best to keep up to date with you all this year, but stand by I think it's going to be a toughie...the chooks already feel neglected!


  1. Good luck with your PGCE - it's a good course, hard work but fascinating - enjoy x

  2. Good purchases, well done you!

    My niece has just finished her course and started her 'proper' teaching job (English) this month. She is loving it. MAD - anyone who would want to teach, I remember what a horrible child I was. But someone has to do it, Good Luck :-)

  3. Good Luck Holly!
    I watched that programme 'Educating Essex' last night and it opened my eyes to what teaching sometimes is about, interesting staff, if not a little scary! x