Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I've got worms...

I never thought I would be so proud to share this with an online community.

On August the 5th I turned 23. This is old. I know. I feel the presents I got just about sum up my life- a pair of vintage diamond earings from The (lovely) Boyf and a compost wormery, the can-o-worms. glam.

As this was also the day I was unchained from my desk and allowed to go on holiday, I got an "IOU" for the actual worms from Wiggly Wigglers.

Naturally, I sent off for the worms as soon as I got back from holiday and the little loves will be winging their way to me soon. Of course, as soon as I get them settled in I will post and show you all my gorgeous new pets! Anyone got any tips for a novice?


  1. Haha....a lovely present.

    Lovely Hubby is the man to ask on anything worm related. He breeds them.....we have about 200,000 at the moment, we started with 50,000...I think they're happy!!

    Sue xx

  2. they love cake...and ground coffee and tea bags, but just about anything really. I barely touch mine now, they just do their thing and make lots of lovely compost.
    Make sure you put it somewhere sheltered and shady else it might get a little stinky before they can do their business if the sun hits it too often! Good luck x